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How to Setup Facebook Offline Conversions

#2 · November 22, 2018 43 1 08:34
Facebook offline conversions, maybe you have heard of it❓But why would I need that 🤷🏻‍♂️??

1. Fb Pixel Revenue Not Matching Up? 
2. Looking for other ways to track revenue🤑? 
3. Brick and mortar 🏪 businesses needing to track 
conversions for in-store purchases!? 
4. Want to attribute phone call ☎️ conversions to your FB 

By attributing offline event data from your customer system to people who saw and clicked on your Facebook ads, you can better measure your ROAS!

Let's jump in and look at how to fully automate a Shopify store & FB offline events utilizing zapier!

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